Aceh Gayo Atu Lintang Arabica Coffee


  • Region : Atu Lintang
  • Altitude : 1500m
  • Varietas : Ateng / Catimor
  • Processing Method : Semi Washed
  • Roasting Profile : Medium Roast
  • Cupping Notes : Syrupy Body, Low Acidity with Chocolate, Black Cherry, Earthy
  • Nett Weight : 100g
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Coffee originating from the Land area of Gayo, Central Aceh has become one of the types of coffee most widely consumed by people and exported abroad. Gayo Coffee has a unique characteristic with a distinct aroma that is different from other coffees in Indonesia. Gayo Coffee produces most of the best types of Arabica coffee. The taste of Gayo coffee itself feels more bitter with low acidity. The very sharp aroma makes this type of coffee preferred. No wonder this coffee is the largest coffee producer in Asia. Despite its bitter taste, Gayo coffee gives a savory aroma to every sip.

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WHOLEBEAN, Fine Grind (Espresso), Medium Coarse (french press), Super Fine (turkish coffee)


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