Flores Bajawa Arabica Coffee


  • Region : Flores¬†Bajawa
  • Altitude : 1200-1500m
  • Varietas : Lini s795
  • Processing Method : Full Washed dryhulling
  • Roasting Profile : Light Medium Roast
  • Cupping Notes :¬†Full intense body, Low acid, Sweet caramel flavors, cherry and blueberry in aroma and cup
  • Nett Weight : 100g
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Flores (Indonesia) is famous for its amazing natural beauty, who would have thought this area was also producing coffee that is not less delicious. Flores Bajawa coffee is coffee originating from Ngada Regency. This coffee grows on the fertile Flores plains, whether or not surrounded by mountains that are still active. The soil where this coffee was produced turned out to contain fertile andosols from volcanic ash which turned out to be very good for growing coffee. And be Flores Bajawa coffee that is delicious is not inferior to other archipelago coffee. Flores Bajawa coffee is usually through a wet milling process. This coffee has a slight fruity aroma and a slight tobacco smell after its taste. A uniqueness that might not be obtained from coffee beans from other regions.

Weight 0.123 kg

WHOLEBEAN, Fine Grind (Espresso), Medium Coarse (french press), Super Fine (turkish coffee)


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