Java Welinggalih Arabica Coffee


  • Region : Central Java “Welinggalih”
  • Altitude : 1650m
  • Varietas : Sigararutang, Andung Sari, Lini S, Kartika, Ateng
  • Processing Method : Full Washed
  • Roasting Profile : Light Roast
  • Cupping Notes : Herbal, Spicy, Sugar Cane, Starfruit
  • Nett Weight : 100g


Coffee originating from Java turned out to have its own unique taste. The aroma of spices that are born naturally makes this type of coffee enjoyed because it has different characteristics. Although Javanese coffee is not as strong as Sumatra and Sulawesi coffee in terms of taste and aroma, it still has its own connoisseurs because of the thin aroma of spices that are produced. Making the experience of drinking coffee feels more unique and different. Most of Javanese coffee goes through a wet milling process. That also makes the taste not too strong. Even so, Javanese coffee is still in demand because, according to some experts, not all archipelago coffee is able to produce coffee that smells ‘spicy’.

Weight 0.123 kg

WHOLEBEAN, Fine Grind (Espresso), Medium Coarse (french press), Super Fine (turkish coffee)


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