Palintang Arabica Coffee


  • Region : Palintang, Gunung Manglayang, Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
  • Altitude : 1000 – 1600mdpl
  • Varietas : Typica, Katimor, Lini-S, Bourbon
  • Processing Method : Full Washed
  • Roasting Profile : Medium Roast
  • Cupping Notes : Sweet, Bright, Vanilla, Nutty
  • Nett Weight : 100g


Palintang’s single origin COFFEE comes from the Mount Manglayang region. This area is a valley that surrounds the city of Bandung West Java – Indonesia and has a very good cool climate for coffee tree plants. Besides being supported by the cool climate and weather, the Manglayang Mountain region where this single origin coffee originated also has an ideal height, which is around 1000-1600 meters above sea level where the soil has a very good mineral content for coffee plants.
Climatic conditions that are also supported by the ideal elevation conditions make Palintang coffee grow to produce interesting characters and flavors, and can be an option for those of you who like coffee with unusual flavors.
The full washed process in this coffee is unique. Tasting notes: sweet, bright, vanilla, nutty.

Weight 0.123 kg

WHOLEBEAN, Fine Grind (Espresso), Medium Coarse (french press), Super Fine (turkish coffee)


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